Not-Penny’s Baby Shower

(For my friends/family reading this: some of my blog friends are throwing another one of our friends a virtual baby shower today.  We will return to your not-s0-regularly scheduled blogging, um, a different day.)

When I first started writing Bakery Closed, I was writing it for myself and for my friends and family.  I wasn’t particularly interested in networking with other bloggers, because I honestly believed there were no other bloggers like me.  (And there truly aren’t – I was in a place of waiting, not ready to start a family, but still hurting from my miscarriage; most of the other bloggers I’ve met are in a place of doing, trying again, going through infertility treatments, or looking toward adoption.)

Well, despite my resistance, the other bloggers found me.  And one of the first to do so was a girl by the name of Yolk (who now goes by Elphaba).  I wasn’t looking for stranger-friends, but I decided not to categorically reject them either.  And Yolk turned out to be fun, funny, sarcastic, and so eloquent about the hurt/jealousy/bitterness/crazy we were both living in.  I thought I had found my exact Canadian double (and yes, it still shocks me every time I see a picture of her and re-discover that she’s not white like I am).

When Yolk succeeded in getting pregnant (because, unlike me, she was actually trying), I wasn’t quite ready for her to be pregnant yet.  I worried that I would lose this great ally, that she would become one of the squealy, obnoxious fertiles.

Eight months later, I’m glad to say that that didn’t really happen.  All that really did happen, was that Yolk had an ongoing argument with her husband about wanting to name the baby girl Penelope, and she painted some stuff pink.  She was the same fun, funny, sarcastic, eloquent, brown Canadian girl – she just also happened to be pregnant.  And it’s so good to know that people aren’t as fickle and changeable as all that.

But now it’s time for Yolk not to be pregnant anymore.  So, without further ado:

To the baby girl who will not be named Penelope,

Welcome to the world, little one.  We’ve all been waiting for you for a long time – your mommy and daddy especially.

It’s kind of a scary place out here, and can be really hard to navigate, but if you’re lucky, you’ll find some amazing people to help you along the way.  Or if you’re really lucky, they’ll find you.

I’m making you something, a gift from me and Mo.  You are going to be early, and it’s going to be late, but I think that’s okay.  We’ve got lots of time.

Love, Mommy’s white American friend

Not-Penny's very late baby gift


2 Responses to “Not-Penny’s Baby Shower”

  1. I am intrigued: what is the gift?


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